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Grooming Tips for Single Men

In large urban areas finding the right one is getting harder and contrary to popular belief, most of us are testing our luck with Internet dating. According to a recent study conducted by MarketTools, Inc. for, 58% of all male respondents claimed that their most important feature on a woman is a set of pearly whites, the quality of responses in her profile and her hairstyle. Surprisingly, physical appearance, seemingly the most important attribute, finished in fourth place. However, gentlemen are not the only one's quick to judge a book by its cover. Women, including myself, have turned down men because of foul breath, crooked teeth or discoloration caused by coffee and cigarette smoking. Now this is not a toothpaste advertisement but you'll read about some pointers in a bit.

The survey results, which can be found on USA Today, make claim that of the 5,500 single men, 21 years old and above, 54% stated that they would not date somebody with substantial student loan debt. With all the economical headwinds in the last 5 years, it is no surprise that men are being prudent. However, have you ever considered the benefit of dating an educated woman? Nowadays, women see the same return on investment as men when it comes to education as indicated by the most recent employment statistics. Women see no issue with dating a man from business school, law school or medical school. In fact, it is more prestigious.

The financial debt caused by higher education could add up to a couple of hundred thousand but that does not prevent us from giving you the benefit of the doubt. Gentlemen, consider the benefits of dating an educated woman. Approach dating with an open mind. If the topic should arise don't express concern or discomfort by a woman with a master’s degree. More likely than not, if she went to a good school, her debt will be re-payed by the opportunities that lay ahead.

As a former participator in on-line dating, I have met a handful of men that did not fit their profiles. Why is that so? Similar to many females, men exaggerate on their on-line profiles. If first impressions weren’t important enough, Internet dating has managed to elevate the anxiety relating to the first date.

It is always more simple to exhibit confidence and tasteful style over a 300-character 'about me' or a default picture in your brand new suit. But when you finally reach out to that lovely gal you’ve been checking out, your appearance and smile will solidify her first impression.

Now, since 58% of male respondents claimed that pearly whites were their main desire, you should know that women are not too dissimilar in their tastes. There are easy to use Crest 3D-white strips available at your local pharmacy. This option is significantly cheaper than professional laser whitening, which can run up to $300. The Crest 3D White Strips is safe for enamel. So please, make an investment and brighten your smile, it’s the best way to play fair in today’s competitive dating environment.